WDV 75 News Feature

Need AMCA 540/550 Certified Wind-Driven Rain Louvers?

Whether a skyscraper in NYC or condo high-rise in Florida, the aesthetic appeal of the WDV-75, including the vertical blade slimline design and less bulkiness, along with the AMCA 540/550 certification makes it an ideal choice for projects in NYC and the East Coast, as well as hurricane-prone regions across the Southeast.

  • AMCA 540 (Basic) & 550 Approved
  • Meets Requirements for NYC Building Code*
  • Wind-driven Rain/Hurricane Louver

Where can the WDV-75 be applied?

Specify and use in exterior walls located in areas that are subject to frequent moderate to heavy rain that also require ratings for impact resistance and high velocity wind-driven rain.

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* WDV-75 meets the requirements for NYC Building Code on most projects. Please contact us to confirm use on your specific project and application.