AP PTG 42 MD and VTG 30 MD scaled

New Certified Hurricane Impact PTAC and VTAC Louvers

Air Performance LLC Announces New Certified Hurricane Impact PTAC and VTAC Louvers with Oversized Options

Air Performance LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the PTG-42 MD and VTG-30 MD hurricane rated louvers for PTAC and VTAC applications, which includes Florida Building Code certification, along with AMCA 540 and Miami Dade high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) certification.

“The Air Performance team is delighted to now lead the industry by offering both PTAC and VTAC hurricane rated louvers in standard and oversized options,” says Todd Hicks, vice president of sales and business development. “Whether a standard or custom size louver application is desired, Air Performance is approved to manufacture up to maximum dimensions of 80”w x 30.250”h for the PTAC louver, as well as a maximum dimension of 36”w x 54”h for the VTAC application. By offering oversized options, this allows flexibility in both the building design and application, while also offering the hurricane rating.”

Air Performance has been providing Hurricane Rated Louvers for various applications for many years. However, the newly certified PTG-42 MD and VTG-30 MD are ground-breaking by offering building designers, window manufacturers, and OEMs the flexibility to not only meet the stringent criteria needed for hurricane impact ratings, but also the oversized dimension options to accommodate specific building designs.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), although we haven't seen more hurricanes globally over the past century, there has been an increase in hurricane frequency and intensity in the Atlantic basin over the past 40 years, and the proportion of hurricanes that reach the intense levels - Category 4 or 5 - could rise by about 10% this century. Ensuring that a range of louver products meet the building requirements in these areas is a priority as Air Performance’s engineering and design teams develop products and make them available in the affected markets.

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