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Air Performance is Your Source for Quality Finishes

Paint Matching and Clear Anodizing

With in-house paint matching available, we can finish your products in standard or custom colors. Our 70% PVDF coatings meet 2605 specification. We also offer a 20-year warranty on our finishes and are an approved applicator of many of the superior commercial brand finishes.

Superior Color Finishes with a Perfect Match

The Air Performance paint matching and application lab ensures you get the superior color finish you require, along with a perfect match. While Air Performance is an approved applicator of most and can match any paint brand color, we have chosen Axalta Dura-Coat as our primary paint brand.

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Did you know that all Air Performance products are available with the clear anodizing option?

When Clear Anodizing is Specified, Air Performance is Your Source

This coating is extremely durable, abrasion resistant, and long-lasting.

Benefits include:

  • Excellent corrosion protection: able to withstand salt spray and other corrosion tests.
  • Environmentally friendly: can be recycled, and production involves inorganic materials, resulting in minimal environmental impact.
  • Inexpensive: priced competitively to paint & powder coatings
  • Aesthetic appeal: provides a clean, natural metal aesthetic appeal, while hiding imperfections, scratches, and blemishes on mill finish material.

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