AP Custom Parts

We're Your Source for Custom Parts

Do you have a need to outsource parts such as brackets, braces, clips, plates, or other types of parts?

In addition to manufacturing and supplying architectural louvers, sunshades, and brake metal, Air Performance also offers quick turn manufacturing for high-volume or low-volume custom part orders - we're your one stop source! Our state-of-the-art laser equipment provides flexibility and precision, and our team is ready to help.

We offer contract manufacturing, stocking programs, and assembly. To place an order, or for questions, contact our sales team, (334) 588-0070.

Custom Parts Details


  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Stainless
  • Up to 3/4" Thickness

We also have other materials available - contact us for information.


  • Durapon 70 AAMA 2605 Painted Finish (Custom Colors)
  • Clear Anodized